We are currently looking for contributors to GENTRYstyle.

 If you are interested please email: brendan@murdocklondon.com

 Editors: Paolo Cabrelli, Brendan Murdock and Mark Turner

Brendan is based in London and operates two businesses, CRU restuarant/bar and MURDOCK (www.cru.uk.com & www.murdocklondon.com).

Mark lectures in English at King’s College London. His most recent book is Backward Glances (2003).

GENTRYstyle is updated weekly.


4 responses to “Editorial

  1. Congratulations Brendan and Mark!

    Long overdue marquee.

    Best wishes,
    Teresa Fritschi

  2. I just stumbled across your website this evening – having stumbled across your barber the last time I was in London – and it’s certainly one of the best online men’s magazines I’ve come across so far. Bravo. You have a new fan.

  3. My boyfriend said wonderful things about the barbershop. Amazing people working there too. Great site!!Please do post regularly so we don’t lose touch.


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