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Tennis style: Wowing Wimbledon

Roger Federer has raised the fashion stakes for men’s tennis. His swish cardigan is probably the only garment that could ever adequately express his on-court elegance. But Roger’s flamboyance isn’t an isolated thrust, tennis has a long history of style and flair. Gentry takes a look back at some of the lawn icons who have ruffled our fashion feathers.
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A colourful history of blue

No international tournament is complete without the azzurri shirt. It is one of the most iconic garments the sport has to offer. This coming Sunday, at Euro 2008, the deep blues of Italy will match-up against the clashing red and gold of Spain – a kit, rather like the character of the Spanish team itself, fiery but often queasy. The grinding, winning football of the nazionale ensures that we usually see plenty of the distinctive colour, the almost unnerving staying power of the team so frequently evident. Perhaps only the gauche tones of Brazil, the selecao, is more recognizable, but certainly not quite so considered, the brash hues of green and gold a little too overbearing for us Europeans. Gentry takes a look back at the Italian shirts of the past to see how the fashionable shirts may have contributed to their sporting successes.

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Men’s day at Royal Ascot

Since its inception in 1711 fashion has been at the heart of Royal Ascot every bit as much as the strained galloping beasts. Perhaps now the focus has shifted further still towards style. Traditionally viewed as a chance for women to reveal their hideous tastes, with the crazed fervor surrounding the hats (the hats!) and the news-friendly outlandishness of ‘Ladies Day’. Men have often been left behind in the fashion stakes at Ascot. However, men can compete with one another and on a much more subtle, stylish level.

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Gentlemen, act your age!

Madonna (49 years & 9 months) launches her sexy new album Hard Candy with its first single “4 minutes” and blog-world goes crazy. Outrageous ! Acting sexy at nearly 50 ! BEING sexy at 50 ! Whatever next !  Whereas The Rolling Stones – combined ages 254 premiere their new concert movie and the only surprise seems to be that 64 year old Mick Jagger is several inches shorter than his current girlfriend.  No mention that she is twenty-four years his junior.

Double standards? You betchya !  But if we want advice on how to grow old gracefully (or even disgracefully) it’s to the stars of the silver screen that Gentry turns to see how it’s done.

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Avoiding Bling on the Riviera, or, What to Wear at the Beach

We made the decision only to use London’s City Airport this summer, which means no long haul flights, but also no charter flights, no lost baggage, no broken down terminals, and so no suffering.. We’ve opted for the hot, flashy Cote d’Azur in July and, as we start to assemble our summer wardrobe we’re doing all we can to avoid the pitfalls of High Fashion. Below, a few must-haves for our travel bags, and a couple of travel bags to put it all in…

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Father’s Day, revisited

It’s not easy being a father. You’re not as soft, friendly or as consistent a source of nourishment as your partner. It’s never you in the Pampers ads. It’s never you in the nursery rhymes. Yet there you are, goggle-eyed, staring down at the flesh-teddy you somehow created. You’re overjoyed and exhausted. Exhilarated and knackered. No, it’s not easy being a father.

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Time of The Season

A great deal of the gentry who make up that spiffing elite called Society reside in castles and manors on vast estates in the country and need to visit London on occasion to take care of various business matters, snort through the foul air and — historically — attend Parliament, which sits from February through August. It is this popular jaunt from the country and the various festivities of the period that we call the London Season. This has also been the alluring stretch of time in which anxious parents would hope to marry-off their daughters to the visiting nobility. Of course, the ladies and gentleman would always look their best during this social whirl, with a new outfit for each and every event.

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