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Gentry Essentials: ONETrueSaxon Jeans

Buffed by the anxious sleeve of hype, summer has, at last, arrived. All of a sudden a wave of warm air has hit the streets, slowing us down, hitting us with a lazy kind of motivation. So, the one thing every man needs in the heat is a good old pair of jeans: stylish, reliable and versatile. ONETrueSaxon offer some of the most adept, adaptable jeans around, fit for the beach, the barbecue or sipping away a long afternoon in town. Woven with one continuous cross-thread, the material does not fray or tatter readily, leaving them to mature and wear with more subtlety. Known to get better with each season, and cut to a gentle hug, this range of apparel looks great thrown on with a vintage t-shirt or pressed with something more formal. Resting coolly at the apex of high-style and low-maintenance, ONETrueSaxon take a pride in their garments that rubs off on whoever slips them on.


Gentry Essentials: Summer sun with CoLab

A pair of shades is a pair of shades. that’s the way it tends to be nowadays with the woolly mass market coin-devils squeezing out the more innovative, idiosyncratic designers. However, fighting back the constrictive market forces like courageous members of the style justice league, intriguing new outfit CoLab have handed global vibe doyens Eboy, Geoff McFetridge and Rockin Jellybean a free-hand over a new line of eye-catching sunglasses. The limited range (just 1000 of each type) of handmade specials. Insect-light and with a touch of wit (such as the geek specs with worn leather tabs on the bridge to replicate the elstoplast effect) these modern classics are the perfect touch to summer, at home or abroad. Striking the right vintage notes for the modern gent, don’t be surprised to see the high street yoink the designs for their own ranges later in the year.

Gentry Essentials: Go Digital!

The inherent nerdiness of the digital watch has been excorcised by the latest flush of stylish models available. There is a trend emerging amongst some of the most elegant watch designers to out-do one another on the digital front, pushing the form to new heights. The sharp lines and naturally austere contours of the digital watch offer a strict, precise kind of elegance that the antiquated analogues just can’t stretch to. Futuristic in an old fashioned kind of way, the models tend to be divided into two platforms: precocious retro and bold modern.

Tokyo Style

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Gentry Essentials: Matt Fothergill Washbags

Matt Fothergill Washbags - MurdockHand-made in Shropshire, these tasteful leather washbags offer a touch of period style whether you are continent hopping or having a break in the country. Matt Fothergill specialises in bespoke leather work and the attention to detail and respect for the craft is clear, having studied as a saddler at Cordwainers College London. All Fothergill’s products are of the finest quality, simple but striking. If you have been searching for the ultimate in leather travel accessories look no further. Vintage in essence but contemporary in style, the washbag is an essential part of any gentleman’s coterie of accessories. The washbag carries with it the caché of classic trans-european journeys: picture Marcello Mastrioanni smouldering in his night-train cabin, reaching into his washbag, splashing on some cologne, and where else would you expect Jean-Paul Belmondo keep his comb and cigarettes? Check out the Murdock range of Fothergill Washbags and begin to appreciate the particularly dynamic luxuries of this beguiling accessory.

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