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Gentry in LA: At the Schindler House, West Hollywood

One of the great pleasures of LA life is driving around looking at the fabulous houses which were part of the Case Study House programme, after World War II. A far cry from the hideous McMansions that are a plague upon canyons from east to west, many of these sleek, elegant, modest homes are modernist masterpieces.
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European Wonderland: Deserted Architectural Marvels

The age of exploration may be long gone, with every inch of the world scrubbed clean by sat-nav, but we now find ourselves in the age of re-discovery. There are an amazing array of discarded architectural marvels going to waste – ready to be uncovered by the curious eye – left behind by the world, as if it had moved on to better things.

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oscar niemeyer la houseThe name of a legendary architect—Oscar Niemeyer—compelled Michael and Gabrielle Boyd to fly to L.A. from New York to inspect an airy white stucco house on the edge of Santa Monica Canyon. Was the house they were inspecting that day in 2002 really a Niemeyer—the only one in North America? … Michael Webb in the LA Times investigates.

Niemeyer, who is still creating brilliant buildings in his 100th year, is the father of Brazilian Modernism, the chief architect of Brasilia and, in collaboration with Le Corbusier, of the United Nations headquarters in New York.

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The Moderns: Le Corbusier in Stuttgart…Aalto in London…Gaudi in New York

It’s never been easier to get in touch with your inner Modernist. Exhibitions in New York and London, plus a new museum in Stuttgart, make Modernism a must for spring 2007.

Let’s start in Stuttgart, with the new ‘Weissenhof Museum’, devoted to the architecture of thegentry style weisenhoff father of the International Style, Le Corbusier. The Weissenhof Museum is actually two recently renovated semi-detached houses designed by the modernist master. They were built in 1927 as part of an exhibition showing the very latest in modernist domestic design:

The Weissenhofsiedlung is one of the most significant landmarks left by the movement known as “Neues Bauen”. The development was erected in 1927 as a residential building exhibition arranged by the City of Stuttgart and the Deutscher Werkbund. Working under the artistic direction of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, seventeen architects created an exemplary residential scheme for modern urban residents.

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LA: America’s new cultural capital?







Over the last few decades Los Angeles has established itself as one of the world’s leading cultural capitals.  For a long time the city struggled with its identity, Hollywood dominated and thrived whilst the urban landscape around the city declined.  For years LA born artists would up-sticks and head for New York, while few artists would seek to settle in the city and even fewer cultural tourists would visit.  But this has all changed.

Edward Wyatt of the New York Times desribes how new centers of gravity have emerged in the City of Angels for contemporary art and artists, that had suffered for years because of its lack of a central arts district. Now there is not one such geographic center but several: downtown, where a thriving gallery district operates in what used to be a nighttime ghost town, as well as in former industrial areas in Culver City and Santa Monica. And a new generation of curators have been lured to the major museums here. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the J. Paul Getty Museum and the Hammer Museum have each attracted energizing new talent in recent years. Continue reading