This Week – Gentry Style

This week Gentry recommend Christopher Nolan’s ponderous but stylish The Dark Knight, the highly anticipated debut album from The Black Ghosts and the superb exhibition at The Hayward Gallery, ‘Psycho Buildings’.

The Film: The Dark Knight

With the slick and pleasantly dour Batman Begins, Christopher Nolan set the benchmark for the ‘serious’ comic book adaptation. It’s fair to say that this next instalment of the franchise is a little too earnest in parts, loading the cart that carries the rather shallow complexities of the narrative with a little more weight than necessary. That said, Nolan has forged a believably troubled Gotham and a Bruce Wayne / Batman with sincere emotion and motivation. Far too long and over complicated by the Harvey Dent / Two-Face subplot (a lacklustre teaser for the next movie, really), there are large swathes of the film that get bogged down in the well-trodden them-or-me superhero dilemma. However, Heath Ledger’s hideously goofy turn as The Joker ultimately makes this film a must-see. He is so wonderfully disturbed, so perfectly skewed and comically diffident. Ledger has remained the character to great effect and if this is remembered as his defining performance, then it’s one worthy of repeated viewing. Neither the prancing Caesar Romero and the prankster gangster Jack Nicholson ever really captured the demented torment of the character. Nolan’s film tells us less than Burton’s but shows us much more about the particular kind of lunatic he really is:

The Record: The Black Ghosts (The Black Ghosts)

When the inventive Simian went their separate ways, most of the band transformed into Simian Mobile Disco, however former singer Simon Lord teamed-up with former Wiseguys producer DJ Touche (aka Theo Keating) and became one half of the Black Ghosts. Less vibrant than Simian Mobile Disco, the crafted pop sensibility gives a little more meaning to their work than their rather disposable counterparts. Should you ever find yourself disenchanted and on the dance floor, you could do worse than flounce to the electro-rhythms of The Black Ghosts. Pulsing with sythns and subtle electronica, this infectious record should oust Hotchip from the podium top-spot of the funky-white-boys gala being that seems to have been held over these barely credible latter stages of my dance-music-life. Standout tracks include ‘Some Way Through This’, ‘It’s Your Touch’, ‘I Want Nothing’ and, featuring Damon Albarn, ‘Repetition Kills You’:

The Exhibition: Psycho Buildings (The Hayward Gallery)

A conceptually mind-blowing experience in which artists confronting architectural ideas and spaces, ‘Psycho-Buildings’ is well worth your attention. The gallery’s own blurb describes it best:

“The exhibition brings together the work of artists who create habitat-like structures and architectural environments. Become an adventurous participant as you explore The Hayward’s spaces inside and out, including a room frozen in a moment of explosive disaster, an eerie village of over 200 dollhouses, a floating plastic cloud and a skyline boating pond.”

Mr. Paolo Cabrelli


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  1. The picture looks a little scary. Are this scars or mouthes on his cheek`s?

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