Scents from heaven

At this time of year, fragrance is oh-so-important. The flowers, the cut grass and smoky barbeques fill the air with a welcoming whiff. While your senses are heightened during the summer months, so are those of your contemporaries. It’s one of the curiosities of the season that just a little more effort is made. People dress better, act more amiably and, invariably, smell more alluring. Some of the scents currently available perfectly capture the ineffable glow of summer. Gentry looks at both Acqua di Genova and Classica by Santa Maria Novella.

The undeniable allure of both fragrances is the sweet citrus base, which just hits the right note of freshness over the long and lazy summer evenings. Acqua di Genova was created in 1853 for the Royal Family of Savoia, by the famous perfumier Stefano Freccari, Still made from the original recipe. If it’s good enough for Italian royalty, it’s good enough for us. It’s fresh, light scent with high notes of lemon, bergamot and sweet orange, middle notes of rose and neroli are all strengthened by base notes of woods and citrus concentrates. It’s one of those androgynous scents, a bit like Dior’s classic Eau Savage, that attract loyal and dedicated followers of both men and women.

Also boasting uncorrupted royal stock Classica is truly one of the world’s great fragrances. This classic cologne with a citrus base, was created for Catharine de Medici, who, when she went to France to marry Henry II, brought her personal perfume-maker with her. Still hand-formulated in Florence, this light and fresh lemony scent combines the citrus and bergamot with subtle white flowers.

Following our advice, you cannot go wrong this summer. You’ll be turning heads, and noses, in the summer sun.

Mr. Paolo Cabrelli


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