Brands we like: Our Legacy

Always on the lookout for a modern take on the classic man’s wardrobe, I was lust-struck at first sight with Stockholm-based men’s clothier, Our Legacy. Part Tender is the Night, part aristocratic younger son, part sharp-eyed commonsensible Scandinavian designer – Our Legacy aims to provide neatly tailored shirts, comfy khakis and smart jackets that are playing the long game. In brief, you can grow old with grace in Our Legacy.

In their own words, ‘A garment created by Our Legacy must never feel forced on or pretentious. It will never be made to suit a seasonal trend nor a particular person, instead Our Legacy gives you a naturally well-dressed look, timeless sartorial splendor delivered in a relaxed yet confident package.’ Surely a manifesto for our times, and we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Founded in 2005 and still very word-of-mouth in style circles, Our Legacy relies on an essentially conservative palate of mostly soft, rich colours – grays, blues, khakis, oxblood – and cleverly avoids black. (Black has its uses in this world, but designers tend to over-use it.) While there is restraint in virtually every garment, their inner vision is knowing and humorous, maybe even coy and whimsical. Arrrgh, those romantic bastards!

Spring/Summer 08 has lovely Oxford cloth and perfectly cut t-shirts, things to flop around in, while Autumn/Winter 08 combines ‘A light grey melange three-buttoned dinner jacket in fine wool combined with a ribbed white t-shirt, brown penny loafers and a knitted hat in the color of red. Heavy cashmere cable-knits in round and rollneck-versions, meet chinos in sturdy cotton-twill and corduroy.’ What is called ‘summer’ in London is what is more usually termed ‘autumn ‘elsewhere, so don’t feel you have to wait until September to stock up.

The only trouble is, to stock up, you’ll need to head to Stockholm. In the meantime, we eagerly await a London outlet.


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