Gentry sounds: Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, Angles

Proving that Essex boys really can do it better, these beareded maestros have produced one of the records of the year. Seemingly a flippant summer rant – all squelched beats and snarky chats – given a little time and consideration, ‘Angles’ has a lot to say and some way of saying it.
Doubtless the record will be trashed as another Streets-cum-Goldie Lookin’ Chain mish-mash of high street comedy jerks and japes, but there’s a heartfelt emotional core to the album that hits home in the context of the saturated, soppy mainstream music industry. Of note then is the track ‘Tommy C’ (originally titled ‘James Blunt Can Fuck Off’) that seeks to reconnect with more genuine sentiments than the sickly sweet spew of ‘You’re Beautiful’. The stream of new commandments on the wonderfully astute ‘Thou Shalt Always Kill‘ is hilarious but somehow also manages to worm its way to a kind of hypnotically agreeable truth. The most telling tenet in this whirling hit has to be ‘Thou shalt not make repetitive generic music’.

With Dan le Sac at the helm, the album is never going to be dull. While some of the tracks sound like they were torn from old Commodore 64 games, the production work on ‘Look for the Woman‘ and ‘Magician’s Assistant’ bounce with innovative trips and traps that seem to goad the elastic tongue of Scroobius Pip from the hairy cave in which it resides. Teaming up most thrillingly on the hydraulic ‘Back From Hell’, the album crashes out, still ringing in your ears. Pip’s relentless mantras give a busy, hyperactive voice to the album. Insistently convincing and full of springy hooks, ‘Angles’ is a great piece of observational hip-hop.


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