Gentry Essentials: ONETrueSaxon Jeans

Buffed by the anxious sleeve of hype, summer has, at last, arrived. All of a sudden a wave of warm air has hit the streets, slowing us down, hitting us with a lazy kind of motivation. So, the one thing every man needs in the heat is a good old pair of jeans: stylish, reliable and versatile. ONETrueSaxon offer some of the most adept, adaptable jeans around, fit for the beach, the barbecue or sipping away a long afternoon in town. Woven with one continuous cross-thread, the material does not fray or tatter readily, leaving them to mature and wear with more subtlety. Known to get better with each season, and cut to a gentle hug, this range of apparel looks great thrown on with a vintage t-shirt or pressed with something more formal. Resting coolly at the apex of high-style and low-maintenance, ONETrueSaxon take a pride in their garments that rubs off on whoever slips them on.


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