The Tote: Can you carry it off?

There are a fine range of bags available to the gent. There are plenty of fashions to choose from and identify with; the swept back Italian leather satchel, the hip-to-be-square soho record bag, the modest backpack, the continental, vintage strapless clutch, even the tried and tested pomp of the leather legal brief. But now, fellows, we have a quandary; Totes. The fairer sex have been enjoying the practicalities of this spacious and versatile carry-all for a good few years now. Is it okay for men to muscle-in or is this shape of bag just too endemically hers? There are few barriers now regarding men’s accessories, so what’s the problem? One designer taking a shot at Tote glory is Gabrielecorto Moltedo, offering limited runs from his actory in Florence. Moltedo’s instincts should be trusted – after all,  his parents founded Bottega Veneta in the 60s. It could well be the ultimate summer bag for men, comfortably squeezing in picnic Peronis and a frisbee, as well as the weekend papers to lounge over. If other designers follow suit and offer a whole range of Totes for men, I can’t see the stigma surounding them holding up for very long. They’re just great bags, for whoever. What do you think?


6 responses to “The Tote: Can you carry it off?

  1. Ah the tote, been using it for years, but can you English gentlemen be brave enough to embrace it?

  2. What is the obsession with the tote! its hard to carry, ackward on one shoulder, it doesn’t hold things secure. Why does noone reinvent or redesign the rugsack. This baffles me!

  3. Lachlan has a point…but until someone does redesign the backpack/rucksack/rugsack, I’m glad we have the tote. As an accessory, the look of a good tote beats virtually all backpacks hands down.

  4. Have to agree with Lachlan on this one. Having grown out of the record bag, I now favour a satchel with handles and strap. Men look affected with a tote slung by its handles over the crook of their arm. Unless, of course, the hand at the end of the arm is holding the leash of a poodle.

  5. Well, Lachlan does have a point.
    I find totes to be very handy to go to the beach(Towel,sun screen and drinks). But thats all! It is defenatly not street wear for men.
    And like said , it is not a very masculine accessoire.

    One thing i absolutley love though, is guys with hand bags have become a trend (here in holland)!
    It looks very sufisticated.

  6. I think the tote is fine if you are lucky enough to have a beach house, but then who does, otherwise it is a hassle to carry.

    I do agree with Lachlan however that its suprising that men’s designers are not more imaginative in bag design. I bought myself a original russian army leathershoulder bag from the first world war…. genius design, burberry need to do a little more research.

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