Shops we Like: Swaine Adeney Brigg, St.James London

Swaine Gladstone weekend bagThere used to be a debate in our home about just how out of fashion Swaine Adeney Brigg really is. I won that debate, as it happens, and the answer is ‘exceedingly’, but in the best possible way. It’s not every shop that can resist the lure to ‘keep up’ and manages to do so while being always impeccably in style.

Since 1750, SAB has been purveyors of fine equestrian leather goods and umbrellas. Do you find yourself in need of a new Hunting Horn or maybe a Plaited Leather Handle Fly Whisk? SAB should be your first stable of call. In addition to lots of neat things like that that most of will never need are many things that all of us do need, though likely only once or twice in a lifetime. I’m thinking about their superb leather suitcases and attaché cases that last more than your lifetime.

Swaine Oxford bagThese are bags of a different order than almost all others in the world (okay, that’s overstating it a little bit, but not much). The fusty old Gladstone bag reminds you of train journeys on the Orient Express while the softer, sleeker Oxford bag makes you long for boozy about weekends on the Jurassic coast. And what better item to take with you while walking the windswept beaches of picturesque Dorset than SAB’s Hunter Flask with pewter cups (which makes a great gift for men, not boys).

Swaine hunter flaskThrow in the fact that there’s a bespoke service plus a personalization option for engraving and embossing…remember that lunch at Le Caprice is only around the corner, and Swaine Adeney Brigg remains among our favourite shops in London.


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