Smile, you’re on CCTV


A smile is a beautiful thing – an unconscious burp from your soul’s inner depths, an escaped dream pleasantly parting with fantasy, breaking onto the surface of reality. A grin is a  reminder of the relationship between the physical and emotional world that a human being (yes, you!) wobbles constantly between. Like it or not, we’re largely only defined by what people marvis whitening toothpastesee. We meet more people than we know and it’s undeniable that we’re glanced at by more people than we’ll ever meet. In fact, most people who see you will never speak to you, will never introduce themselves: the woman pressed up against you on the tube: the besuited masses you pass on the busy streets; the lonely old man you avoid in the changing rooms – the only perceptions these people will ever have of you is the look on your face as you glide by, momentarily part of their lives. Give them something to see, flash them a smile.
The crushing realities of living are enough to wipe the smile from any of our faces. But,

remember this, a smile is a victory, a smile is yours to keep, an unconquerable fortress of independence. The next time you are locked in an argument, forced into a corner, humiliated beyond recognition, just display the disarming power of a wicked grin, it works and offers the kind of unanswerable riposte that words often fail to attain.
Oh, and smiling is to sex what a funhouse is to the insane – it’s a venue within which attraction can manoeuvre itself into its most appropriate position. Indeed, a well-timed smile informs flirtation, sentencing you to, at the very least, an interesting evening. A smile spices things up, raises the stakes and can make you a much more amiable or unsettling person to deal with, depending on the nature of your ambitions – indeed, as the saying goes, “Beauty is power, a smile it’s sword”.But what’s the use of a smile if when you reveal your teeth they are battered like smashed piano keys or as yellow as ivory dominoes? It’s one of those things your parents warned you about that was actually true: if you don’t look after your teeth, they won’t look after you.

SMILE 2 GENTRY STYLEKeeping your teeth in tip-top shape says a lot about you: it shows that you are ignoring life’s bigger concerns (those things that are, actually, more important) and taking the time to pay detail a visit. There are a number of ways to keep your teeth sparking. Aside from indulging in costly bleaching procedures, whitening tooth paste is the best option, such as Marvis Whitening luxury toothpaste. Avoiding red wine, tea and tobacco on a regular basis will also help your pearls to glimmer. Rejuvenate your smile and keep the world spinning, give me something pleasant to look at as you’re trying to con me, sleep with me or just passing me by.

A curiosity from the oft-overlooked form of the tooth documentary: a dental bio-pic of David Bowie’s:


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