Things We Like Autumn 07

There was no such thing as summer this year in London, so we have high hopes for autumn. If the rain stays away, allowing for crisp afternoons, we may even see autumnal shades on the leaves in the Royal parks. That’s likely being overly optimistic. Still, now that temperatures have dropped and the evenings are gradually closing in, it’s time to invest in fall favourites. Here are some of the things we covet this season at Gentrystyle.

martin margiela wool coatMartin Margiela Wool Coat –  This is a modern, Belgian take on the classic camel coat. What makes this stand apart from others is the rounded shawl collar, giving it a less formal, less businessy edge. (Shawl collars are still everywhere this year, so indulge in this old grandpa look while no one will raise eyebrows.) It’s pleasingly thick, hangs well and looks great with everything. You can find it at Bergdorf Goodman.

dinegal tweed paul stuart Paul Stuart Donegal Wool Tweed Sport Jacket – If it’s not quite cool enough for your Martin Margiela Wool Coat, then you may want to wear this nearly perfect wool and cashmere brown tweed jacket from Paul Stuart. What makes this piece special are the details – we love the tidy pleat patch breast pocket and the brown leather under collar and elbow patches. It’s superbly well made and Paul Stuart does fine cashmere (see their jaunty Fair Isles) which complement nicely. 

john varvatos gentry styleJohn Varvatos Herringbone Hooded Blazer – If the Paul Stuart jacket above is that little bit too smart or too mature for your weekend needs, try this little number from John Varvatos. Part tweed blazer, part hoodie, it’s the sort of autumn jacket that could quickly become a staple. Also check out his Old Bark Washed Wool Pinstriped Peasant’s Jacket. A little difficult to find in the UK, but there are boutiques in LA and NYC. 

turnbull and asser ashmereTurnbull and Asser Cashmere V-neck – You probably already have several of these but if the moths ate your cashmere like they did ours last winter, then it’s time to stock up again. Everyone does cashmere these days, but for an everyday v-neck, you can’t go wrong with Turnbull and Asser.

hermes knit scarfHermes Knit Scarf – This laid back, ribbed cashmere scarf will keep you warm for many years to come. As autumn turns to winter, colour becomes important, and colours don’t come more bold than Hermes‘s classic orange.

prada quilted jacket

 Prada Quilted Cardigan – It’s not often that we suggest that men wear Prada, but if you’ve got a body that can withstand a little extra quilting, it’s worth adding to your wardrobe. A nice one to travel in, perhaps with that Hermes scarf which will contrast so sharply. 

lanvin sneakerLanvin Low Top Sneakers – Sneakers don’t get more simple than this, just make sure you get the right pair of straight leg jeans. Or, for a contemporary take on a Holden Caulfield look, pair them with pale chinos and a Turnbull and Asser v-neck. The leather is supple and durable, the design trim and elegant. You should probably buy several pairs, so that you have enough to last a lifetime. 

chesnut fryeFrye Arkansas Boot – These low-key but nicely styled ankle boots by Frye will keep you warm and dry on the Suffolk coast or in the damp fallen leaves of the New Forest. Get them in tan (as shown) or in the moodier ‘Smoke’.

Martin Margiela Wool CoatJames Smith & Sons‘ Chestnut ‘Congo’ Root-Nose Crook Walking Stick – In case you do end up walking in the New Forest, why not bring along this stick? It’s from James Smith & Sons, the famous umbrella makers in New Oxford Street, and there are plenty of others from which to choose. This is a sturdy, fairly inexpensive walking stick, though the pricer cherrywood looks good, too. 

Santa Maria Novella Sandola cologne – This scent is the perfect weight for autumn — it’s strong and powerful, with that bit of sweetness that sandalwood provides. Sandalwood scents are common enough, but SMN‘s is distinct and luxurious.

Philip Roth’s Everyman – If you haven’t yet read this novel, autumn is a good time to do so. It’s funereal in a good way, but also concise, astute and moving. A slim paperback, it ought to fit into your Martin Margiela Wool Coat with ease. Buy it at your local, independent bookshop and not on Amazon.


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