The awkwardness of the British Gent.

men kissing

British men are as sophisticated and cosmopolitan as they next, but we still don’t know how to say hello and goodbye to our male friends without feeling a little foolish.

This week Nick Angel in The Times investigates the ritual of the male-to-male greeting that men are most at sea. The fact is this: there is no accepted form for one man to greet and bid farewell to another man. With women it is relatively simple: a handshake if you don’t know them very well, and a kiss on one or both cheeks if you do. Sometimes a hug is appropriate. The main hazard is if one of you goes for the kiss, while the other opts for the hug — in which an ear gets slobbered on. With men, there are no such ground rules. A handshake suffices for professional situations, but after that it’s an absolute lottery. Some hug. Some high-five. Some kiss. Some — such as myself — rock from foot to foot and assume an expression that is half-grin, half-grimace. Every male has his own set of rules and principles, but none of them is the same… What to do?


One response to “The awkwardness of the British Gent.

  1. Rubbish! I hug my mates all the time, the times has it wrong.

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