The Return of the Bow Tie

The bow tie is essential neckwear and you ignore it at your peril!  Whilst our friends in America have never turned their backs on the bow tie, especially in the sleepy south, in London it has fallen out of favour despite having a noble place in the history of British men’s style.

The Duke of Windsor frequently wore the bow tie with an ink blue velvet dinner jacket. ‘My brother and I started to wear it often with a plain dark red carnation in the lapel’, Edward has said, but you don’t necessarily have to wear it with a formal dinner jacket. It looks striking with a linen suit at the races (or anywhere else), giving you a sharp classic look for summer.

At London store Murdock they are pioneering the return of the bow tie with their spring/summer ties by Turnbull & Asser, an exclusive London men’s clothier with a long history as shirtmaker to Royalty and international men of refinement (including James Bond himself). Turnbull’s main store is located on Jermyn St, the spiritual home of Mr Beau Brummel.

Many of us struggle with the bow tie, so here are a few simple steps to make it all a bit easier.

Bow tie instructions


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